Lash extensions in Cork City

I Lash You are the eyelash extensions specialists and one of the top salons of its kind in Cork City.

In our exclusive beauty salon specialised in eyelashes, we offer the top treatments and techniques in eyelash extensions to give you longer eyelashes with more volume, fullness and curls which will save you precious time while applying your everyday make-up. The lash extensions are applied one by one and have been designed and selected to match your own and look natural, so not even you would tell they’re not real. The result looks remarkably natural and it’s ideal for those who are not fully satisfied with their natural eyelashes or want to show perfect ones at all times. Come on in and choose the look of your lash extensions!

Not all extensions are the same, so the I LASH YOU mission is to offer a personalised service by choosing the perfect look for a more seductive and attractive look.

Why do I want eyelash extension?

Let’s start with 8 reasons:

  • Your look will be sexier and more feminine.
  • You won’t need mascara for weeks.
  • Eyelash extensions weight just like regular mascara.
  • Your eyes will be more expressive.
  • Eyelash extensions are very comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • You won’t need to retouch your eyelashes for days at a time.
  • Celebrities use and love them, and you’re a celebrity to us…




The technique

The application technique consists in attaching one or more extensions to each and every natural eyelash.
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The session

The entire eyelash extensions application session lasts between 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of extensions chosen.
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Where we are?

We are located at 14 MacCurtain Street in the heart of Cork City.
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